Carlos Jose
Rosado Gamboa
Location: Bogotá D.C.
Phone number: 3014922296

07/2016 - 07/2017
Specialist in International Cooperation and Project Management for Development
Universidad Externado de Colombia
07/2006 - 07/2012
Industrial Engineer
Universidad de Magdalena
Work experience
11/2018 - present
Operations Professional
Consorcio C&M - Transmilenio S.A., Edificio Elemento - Torre Aire - Piso 4

Coordination and Supervision:

  • Coordinate motorized personnel on the street to attend events that may affect the operation. (50 people)
  • Coordinate on-track supervisors and request evidence of the status of the operation.(56 people)
  • Coordinate the supervisors of the master control center, verifying that they carry out all their activities in each of the processes. (50 people)
  • Coordinate operational verification of the operation, as requested by Transmilenio S.A.


  • Establish areas of operation of personnel in the streets, for supervision of the operation.
  • Identify the zones with more difficulties in the operation of the zonal buses to send supervisory personnel.

03/2018 - present
National Digital Manager
Superintendencia de Servicios Publicos, Bogotá D.C.
  • Develop and direct the digital strategies of the SUPERSERVICIOS, guaranteeing the socialization and diffusion of the rights and duties of the citizens in the territories as part of the social control of the domiciliary public services.
  • Direct the promotion and structuring of socialization and awareness campaigns in the zones, which allow compliance with the social control strategy when requested by the Territorial General Director, in the different established digital solutions.
  • Analyze the results obtained from the different territories, in development of the technological solutions adopted, to propose to the Territorial General Director improvement actions that allow better results and a greater approach with the citizen.
  • Validate the correct and adequate integration of digital solutions to the objectives of the project, guaranteeing the proper articulation with the integration channels between citizens and the portfolio of services offered by the entity.
  • Present the necessary recommendations on the way in which the strategy of social control should be socialized in the different solutions of home public services.
  • Logistical coordination of the location and dispatch of Digital Mobile Offices throughout the national territory.
  • Coordinates the assigned personnel in the 4 zones.
11/2017 - 12/2017
Entrepreneurship Manager
SENA, Leticia, Amazonas


  • Projects formulation
  • Project follow-up
  • Project evaluation
  • Financial advice to projects
  • Productive advice to projects
01/2014 - 02/2017
Audit Specialist Fondo Emprender
FONADE - Fondo Emprender (SENA), Bogotá D.C.


  • Collect and manage the database of the inventories and the different investments made with the resources delivered for the Emprender Fund projects (approximately 1300)
  • Notification and process of registration to Garantías Moviliarias the inventories of all the projects


  • Administrative, financial and productive follow-up to productive projects in force (approximately 500)
  • Consolidated report of completed projects
  • Follow-up to the auditors in the areas of the country assigned by management

Information Management:

  • Downloading reports from the Entrepreneurship platform through SQL and Query
  • Database administration with all Fondo Emprender projects
  • SIGOB database management, where all the information of the 5000 projects financed by Fondo Emprender since 2005 was stored

Achievements: After working for a year as professional support, I was promoted to auditing specialist thanks to my dedication and the creation of the Garantías Mobiliarias procedure and the administration of the information corresponding to the inventories of the projects.

10/2012 - 01/2014
Administrative Coordinator of Audit
Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, Magdalena

Information Management:

  • Creation and administration of the Repaired Housing database
  • Collection of field reports of auditors

Coordination and Supervision:

  • Report of progress reports
  • Organization of the work team of auxiliaries and guide their work (10 People)
  • Coordinate the field operation of the auditors (28 people)

Human Resources:

  • Auditors Selection
  • Selection of Auxiliaries
  • Calculation and payment of viatics to inspectors


  • Report of Repaired Housing, calculating the cost invested in each and the corresponding payment to the contractor company

Achievements: After entering to work for 2 months as a data entry clerk, I was promoted to Administrative Auditing Coordinator thanks to the creation of the database of Repaired Housing.

01/2012 - 07/2012
Production Intern
Carbones de Cerrejon, La Mina, La Guajira

Human Resources:

  • Selection of World Class Operators, by analyzing their quarterly performance through the study of machinery operations databases
  • Selection of winners of Podium Turns, analyzing the daily performance of the production operators through the information thrown by the databases
  • Verification of Indicators for Reclassifications of Operators, analyzing the semi-annual performance of the operators that after a study of the indicators meet the requirements for their reclassification (promotion)

Information Management:

  • Database management performance of all operators in the production area of ??La Mina
  • Database administration with the information of the personnel hired to
  • operation of the La Mina production area


  • Support for the dispatch of trucks to the different pits of La Mina

Achievements: Creation of the application PRACTICAS OPERACIONALES, proposes the joint study of all operational performance indicators for a more complete analysis of their work, by creating an application available on the WEB page of the company's intranet for all supervisors and superintendents in real time. This project was implemented in Carbones de Cerrejón and is currently in application.

07/2011 - 01/2012
Process Assistant
FEMSA - Coca-Cola, Santa Marta, Magdalena

Inventory Logistics:

  • Truck dispatch (SAP)
  • Reception of trucks (SAP)
  • Inventory:
  • Download of system inventories (SAP)
  • Enter inventories into the system (SAP)

Achievements: After working for 2 months, I was promoted to the logistics area for the dispatch and reception of trucks.

Language skills
EspañolCompetencia bilingüe o nativa
InglesCompetencia básica profesional
Microsft Excel
Information Management
Project following
Project Evaluation
Staff pick
Projects formulation