Leonard Hofstadter


Pasadena, California

Personal Statement

Originally from New Jersey and a graduate of Princeton University, I am an established scientist with a vast knowledge of theoretical and experimental physics. I am currently a Senior Experimental Physicist at Caltech, mainly working with high-powered lasers. I received a dissertation of the year award for my doctoral paper on Experimental Particle Physics and have been published in several peer-reviewed journals. I was also awarded The Newcomb Cleveland Prize of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). My scientific research has varied from Bose-Einstein condensates and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics to soft cosmic rays at sea level, cosmic radiation, and dark matter.

My interests outside of work include, the cello, Klingon Boggle, comic books, video games, The Lord of the RingsStar Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Superman (among other super heroes), and other Science Fiction related media and content.

Work experience

  1. Senior Experimental Physicist Caltech, Pasadena, CA

    08/2001 - present

    The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private university in Pasadena, CA that has six academic divisions with strong emphasis on science and engineering, managing $332 million in 2011 in sponsored research. 

    As a Senior Experimental Physicist my main responsibilities include:

    • Perform physics and scientific related work requiring the design, development, and adaptation of technological, mathematical, statistical, and other scientific methods and techniques with a specialization in lasers and sub atomic measurements using lasers
    • Research Bose-Einstein condensates, fundamental tests of quantum mechanics, soft cosmic rays at sea level, cosmic radiation, and dark matter
    • Devise and implement experiments to test theories about high-energy lasers such as helium-neon lasers and free-electron lasers
    • Analyze the great quantities of resulting data from laser related experiments
    • Evaluate optical components for enhancing high-energy lasers
    • Utilize scientific inquiry in development of software tools as required for high-energy laser systems analysis
    • Develop new technology in relation to laser automation, such as front-projected holographic displays combined with laser-based finger tracking


  1. 08/2000 - 05/2004 - PhD in Experimental Physics Princeton University

  2. 08/1996 - 05/2000 - Bachelor of Science in Physics Princeton University

Achievements & Awards

Keynote Speaker at an Institute of Experimental Physics Conference

I was invited as keynote speaker to a topical conference by the Institute of Experimental Physics for my successful research on spatially ordered materials with superfluid properties, a.k.a, super solids.

Stephen Hawking's North Sea Project

Since Stephen Hawking was familiar with my research, I was invited to join the professor's team, which sent an expedition to the North Sea to test hydrodynamic simulations of black holes. I spent a period of four months looking into the possibility that one could find the equivalent of Unruh radiation in a large body of water, as the similarities of the equations of general relativity and hydrodynamics suggest.

Multiple Scientific Publications

Along with Doctor Sheldon Cooper, I co-authored a paper entitled "Paradoxical Moment-of-Inertia Changes Due to Putative Super-Solid," which was presented at an Institute for Experimental Physics topical conference on Bose-Einstein condensates. When Dr Arthur Jeffries wrote a paper on nano-vacuum tubes, he asked me to review it and then collaborate with him on experimental testing of his hypothesis.

The Newcomb Cleveland Prize

I was also awarded The Newcomb Cleveland Prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This is an annual award given to author(s) of outstanding scientific papers published in the Research Articles or Reports sections of the "Science Magazine."

Dissertation of the Year Award

I was awarded the Dissertation of the Year Award for my doctoral paper on Experimental Particle Physics at Princeton University.

My Research & Experiments

  • Conducted classified government research on military rocket fuel capable of generating over 8,000 kN of thrust when mixed into Tovex in order to create a combustible gel
  • Designed an experiment using a helium-neon laser in order to study the soft component of cosmic radiation at sea-level. 
  • Used a free-electron laser in order to perform an X-ray diffraction experiment 
  • Worked on a front-projected holographic display combined with laser-based finger tracking
  • Examined the radiation levels of photo-multiplier tubes for a new dark matter detector with Dr. David Underhil
  • Attempted to replicate the dark matter signal found in sodium iodide crystals by the Italians
  • Grew isotopically pure crystals for neutrino detection
  • Built a a multi-wire proportional counter for detecting cosmic particles with the aid of Mr. Howard Holowitz
  • Carried out a series of anti-proton decay experiments with negative results
  • Performed tests of the Aharonov-Bohm quantum interference effect
  • Ran tests on the hydrodynamic simulations of black holes on, renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking's North Sea Project


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