María Paz Larach Jaña

Location: Las Bellotas 219. Dpto. 111. Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Phone number (+569)99641471

Professional Objective

Mental health professional with a high disposition of learning, public attention, perseverance and order, oriented to the analysis and therapeutic intervention, in order to provide support to the other, through social skills, teamwork and adaptation to changes.


03/2011 - 03/2016

Bachelor of Psychologist

Universidad Gabriela Mistral. Providencia, Santiago de Chile

03/1999 - 11/2010

High School Certificate

Liceo Laura Vicuña. Hijas de María Auxiliadora. Santiago de Chile

Work experience

04/2017 - present

Teacher of Psychologist

Universidad Finis Terrae, Pedro de Valdivia 1509, Providencia, Santiago de Chile

  • Classes twice a week to teach theories of learning and its basis for Cognitive Behavioral therapy. 
  • Review mandatory readings and weekly test.

08/2016 - 08/2016

Child Psychologist

Fundación Orquestas Infanto Juveniles de Chile, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Santiago de Chile

  • Group intervention in a "Self-care" for children and adolescents

03/2016 - present

Clinical Psychologist

Centro de Atención Psicológica UGM, Ladislao Errazuriz 2121, Providencia, Santiago de Chile

  • Perform psychodiagnosis and psychotherapy to children and adolescents.
  • Once a week, a clinical meeting is held for case supervision and training on different topics.

03/2013 - present

Psychology Assistant

Universidad Gabriela Mistral, Ricardo Lyon 1177, Providencia, Santiago de chile

  • Classes once a week to provide support through theoretical and practical activities of academic extension. 
  • Supervise and evaluate current scientific research conducted by students about Cognitive Behavioral therapy
  • Evaluate the development of the reports of the different Psychological Tests carried out by the students
  • Review mandatory readings and weekly test.

Extracurricular Activities

  • "Taller de de Herramientas Terapéuticas para el Manejo del Trauma y la Disociación", learning intervention in patients with traumatic events
  • "Seminario de Familia" lecture and discussion on the systemic vision of the family context and couple. 
  • "Seminario Psicodiagnóstico Clínico" on-site visits to the "El Salvador Psychiatric Hospital", interview to internal patient with the Rorschach Test, Object Relations Test and Bender. 
  • "Seminario de Selección de Personal" knowledge of test of Zulliger and Luscher. 
  • "Intensive English course" 8-week course, earning Advanced English Certificate at Education First School in San Diego, California, United States.

Language skills


English - Competencia profesional completa