Pablo Fernández Medina
Location 10 Francis Darwin Court, CB4 3HA, Cambridge,United Lingdom
Phone number 447752567131
Work experience
09/2014 - present
Senior Antenna Engineer / Qualcomm Technologies Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Responsible for antenna design and innovation covering a wide range of frequencies from wireless charging to UWB.

  • Key achievements:
    • Promotion to Senior engineer in May 2016 after a year working in the group.
    • Various Patent applications.
    • Long term incentive award for outstanding performance in 2016

Projects involved:
  • Automotive:
    • Design and analysis of antenna arrays for AoA (Angle of Arrival) at the ISM band.
  • Wearables:
    • Research into body area networks at the ISM band. Various antenna concepts: Small antenna design.
    • Provide antenna expertise in development of full Bluetooth wireless earbud.
  • RF Lab development:
    • RF measurements: Antenna gain, efficiency, radiation pattern, EIRP, chip receiver sensitivity, Spurious emissions up to 40 GHz using anechoic chambers and RF equipment (Network and spectrum analyzer).
    • Hands on tasks. Matching networks, Troubleshoot analysis, antenna prototypes.
  • Other tasks:
    • Antennas for BT/WiFi applications: Coexistence, antennas for small devices (TPMS, bulbs, controllers,...)
    • NFC/Wireless charging, magnetic induction: Small loop coil design for magnetic coupling.
    • Basic development of Circuit design/PCB layout tasks with Altium designer.
  • Simulation tools: CST, HFSS, AWR, Altium, for concept design and troubleshooting analysis
09/2013 - 08/2014
Research Engineer / Agilent Technologies Gmbh, Linz, Austria
Researcher Engineer at the nanotechnology division of Agilent Technologies in Austria. Covering tasks related to RF, microwave and EM design applied to material characterisation at the nano-scale.
Specific tasks:
  • Research on sub-surface material characterisation with SMM (Scanning Microwave Microscopy)
  • Use of RF simulations tools (Agilent ADS, Agilent EM pro) for evaluation of new design ideas (cantilever, tip,antennas).
  • SMM measurements to validate new design, including:
    • Analysis of equipment performance under nanotechnology conditions.
    • Analysis of results and report to higher grade researchers.
    • Evaluation of existing RF equipment for inclusion into nanotechnology applications.
02/2012 - 08/2013
Antenna Engineer / GN ReSound A/S, Copenhaguen, Denmark
Antenna Design Engineer role developing:
  • RF Antenna design:
    • Develop of antenna design projects for hearing instruments at ISM band. HFSS as antenna design tool. Lab work and measurements for type approval using anechoic, EMC chambers and testequipment (Signal and Spectrum analyser). Result analysis and presentations in follow up and reviews meetings.
  • RF Test System:
    • Develop of Automate RF tests for Hearing instruments. Signal and spectrum Analyser, Signal generator, Bluetooth tester, climate chamber programmed by Agilent VEE using SCPI language.
  • Joined as intern with Master Thesis: "Channels and Diversity Evaluation in Body-Centric Wireless Communications"
    • Contents:RF Antenna 2.4GHz, Diversity, Antenna Measurements, On-body, Off-body, propagation. Two technical publications out of this work, listed below.
Language skills
  • • Spanish - Native or bilingual proficiency
  • • Galician - Native or bilingual proficiency
  • • English - Full professional proficiency
  • • German - Elementary proficiency
Antennas Suitable for Wireless Earphones
WIPO patent: PCT/EP2016/050353 
A wireless earphone designed to direct creeping waves around a wearer's head in a preferred direction
  • "Transmission and reflection mode scanning microwave microscopy (SMM): experiments,calibration, and simulations". EuMW 2015, Paris, France. 
  • "On-Body and Off-Body 2.45 GHz MIMO Communications for Hearing Instrument Applications".EuCap 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden. 
  • "Transmit and Receive Diversity in Body-Centric Wireless Communications". AMTA 2012, Seatle, USA 
09/2011 - 09/2012
Wireless engineering at Technical university of Denmark
01/2010 - 09/2012
Master Telecommunications: Radio-Telecommunications at Universidad de Vigo
09/2006 - 01/2010
Bachelor Telecommunication Systems at Universidad de Vigo